Connecting Our Community

Welcome to Berry Springs Primary School

At Berry Springs Primary School we strive to provide a stimulating, safe and caring learning environment. Within the school community we value the contributions of all students, their families and staff. We believe that children learn best when the school, home and community work in partnership.

Relationships Focused

Engaging Our Community


We seek to engage our wider community in programs and experiences that connect our students to our local environment and wider region.

We have established partnerships with a variety of organisations, forming a network of connections integral to our school. We have a strong focus on sustainability through the Growing Green Kids NT initiative, including designing and implementing various environmental and sustainability projects.

Forging strong relationships with students, their families, the local community and a variety of government and non-government organisations is a key priority for us, ensuring our students feel connected and empowered to become lifelong learners.

Building harmonious relationships between our families and school is fundamental to our success. We encourage parents to be active participants in our school community through a variety of formal and informal structures.

Our successful environment and sustainability program Growing Green Kids NT was given the opportunity to be showcased in a pilot ABCMe TV program titled ‘Project Planet’ which featured 3 schools from across Australia. A group of took part in filming this 8 part series which went to air in August and September 2018 and focused on the impact students can have on making change to help our environment for future generations.

Staff and students continued to partner with the Territory Wildlife Park as part of educational programs that have explicit links across all key learning areas of the Australian Curriculum and integrates real life learning opportunities for all students.

Our Values

ValueDefinitonExpectations for behaviour
RespectBeing honest and valuing ourselves, others, property and the environment • I think and act in a way that shows others I am caring and considerate
• I follow instructions first time, every time, without complaint
• I allow others to learning without interruption
• I keep my hands and feet to myself without exception
• I speak to others in a kind and friendly manner and I stop and listen when others are speaking to me
• I am in the right place at the right time
• I take care of school property and the environment
ResilienceThe ability to bounce back from challenges • I look for solutions to my problems
• I work cooperatively to solve problems
• I try again when I make a mistake
• I take responsibility for my actions
• I when things go wrong I move forward in a positive way
• I give things a go even when they are hard
Personal Best Having high standards and always doing your best• I have a growth mindset
• I set goals for my learning
• I try my best with everything I do
• I reflect on my work and think of ways to improve it
• I am open to feedback from others
• I ask for help when I am stuck
• I am brave with my learning and am open to a challenge
CommunityPositively contributing to our school community by supporting each other to work towards our common goals• I encourage, cooperate and include others
• I listen to the ideas and points of view of others
• If I am aware of a problem situation I let a teacher know
• I accept that everyone is different and appreciate differences in others
• I wear the correct uniform
• I am a leader – start and do things without being asked
• I act in a manner that ensures that others are safe- safe actions, safe body, safe words


Key Dates

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