Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) 

Berry Springs OSHC is a family of educators whom all share one thing in common, a passion to educate children. We believe by working closely with families, the community and our school we are able to provide children with the best quality of care to cater to all their needs.

Our students say… 

 “At our OSHC you will feel special, it’s exciting and nice to see everyone.”

“OSHC is a home to play all day before your dad picks you up.” (Jesse)

“It’s fun and relaxing and helps my mum go to work.” (Billy)

“Go on excursions and I get to play with my friends.” (Kimberly)

“You get to do different things and the adults are nice and they play with us.” (Mia)

“I like to see my friends, I like to play and the adults are really nice and they cook awesome food.” (Isabella)

“I get to socialise with friends and mates, they’re endless activities and the staff are really nice.” (Jack. B)

“It’s fun because there is lots of toys.” (Zara)

“It gives my mum and dad a break, I like coming because there is a lot of fun things to do and you can create things out of soap, the adults are good OSHC teachers because they are nice.” (Jaron)

“You can have lots of fun and lots of good activities, everyone is really nice and I like the places we get to go.” (Kaylee)

Our parents say… 

 “You guys are amazing, thanks for putting together a fun holiday program.” (Romy)

“Wonderful! Harnessing creativity, teaching history, learning compassion and having fun all at once.” (Megan)

“Fundamentally to me OSHC means a greater capacity to work therefore creating financial security, therefore a flow on effect of less stress and happier parents!! Also imperative is child safety, knowing your children are well cared for and in a happy safe environment developing their knowledge from the vast array of adventure and fun activities provided through OSHC. Thank you educators you really do a great job.” (Heidi)